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Foundation Failure - Some Causes


The primary reason for foundation problems in Western Oregon is the highly expansive nature of the clay soil on which the building rests. The clay expands with the addition of moisture and contracts during dry periods. Over time this up and down motion causes cracks in the foundation as well as concrete fatigue that could result in structural damage.

Rainwater standing or running alongside a foundation may cause differential settlement of a foundation. If the soil grade is improper, water runs alongside a foundation during rains and will carry away soil supporting the foundation.

Improperly compacted soils can eventually become compacted by the weight of the structure. Unfortunately, the compaction is not even and can lead to foundation failure.

Plumbing leaks can also lead to foundation failure. The localized area of the leak reacts with the clay soil in the same way as seasonal changes.

Cracks along the foundation
Doors and windows that stick
Interior walls and finishes that have cracks and nails that pop out
Exterior wall cracks and fissures
Floors that slope and are uneven
A tilting chimney
Bowed and bulging walls

Foundation problems should be addressed as soon as they are discovered before the damage is irreversible.